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An ICCRC certified consultant Rakesh Sharma started his Canadian Journey as an International Student. With a deep understanding of factors affecting life of International Students in Canada, he knows what it takes to do odd jobs from working in factories to Pizza Stores. Being a Global Business Management graduate from Humber College, Rakesh wants to empower new students with the best options of education available in Canada and create a platform for them to integrate successfully into Canadian culture. 

He is a Board member and visionary behind making Check Check Services accessible to everyone around the globe. He believes in working hard and staying on the path of honesty to yield the best results in every sphere of life.


Moved by the plight of international students who were clueless about how to survive in a country like Canada, Johny Hans decided to provide a sincere helping hand to International Students by working in collaboration with IRCC Certified Consultants and Immigration lawyers in Canada bridging the guidance students need. 

With his team, he has been guiding plethora of International students by not only assisting them in the visa process but also helping them explore the right courses and programs to maximize their potential. 

With his zealous team, Johny has been providing counseling to the students. He has been continuously assisting them in finding the best course/college/university which is best suitable to them according to their academic, career and financial profile. His team also helps the students procure jobs, accommodation, health insurance services etc.


Hazzy is a fitness enthusiast who is always keen about learning and growing. He is a well rooted, true Canadian who sees value in serving and understanding others. 

He is a person who is always nurturing relations with others which helps him in developing business with various Colleges, Universities and Government Institutions! He is running his own Fitness Brand on Tiktok and YouTube. His simplicity, commitment and consistency make him an indispensable part of the team.