Our Team


Consultant - CEO

Hi , I am Rakesh Sharma and I am a licensed immigration consultant( R705958) who came to Canada as an International Student . I understand the dynamics and the challenges of Student
life . Helping and empowering students with right guidance is my passion and that’s what I am living through Check Check Services.


Team Leader & Vlogger

Check Check ! I am Johny Hans . Being a performer and Vlogger . The love , support and
constant requests from our Social Media fans made us start serving them in Full Potential . The
need of a genuine team who has originated from Students has guided my way to bring everyone
together and serve at the forefront to help students from across the world to realise their dreams
of Canadian Education .

Francisca Walter

Business Developer - Cameroon

Hello , I am Francisca Walter . Being a Canadian Citizen , born and raised in Cameroon .I
understand both the worlds . By increasing international educational opportunities , I believe we
can genuinely serve the international students from Cameroon to access better Canadian
Education and take back great experience with them .My vision is to make Canadian
International education more accessible and more inclusive to students from Cameroon .

Misha Pelletier

Business Developer - North Africa

Bonjour ! I am Misha Pelletier . Education and entrepreneurship is something I can closely
relate to. Quebec ,Canada has so many great colleges and universities that are french
speaking. There are so many programs available for students from across the world . Best thing
is that so many north African countries are french speaking . My goal is to make Canadian
Education accessible to every students in North Africa who wants to study in Canada in French
or English Institutions.

Solomon Mota Anyam

Business Developer - Cameroon

Diverse and Inclusive nature of Canada is what I love . Hello , My name is Solomon Mota
Anyam . I am passionate about education and I am collaborating with Francisa Walter to make
Canadian Education more accessible to International Students from Cameroon . I strongly feel
that every international student who is coming to Canada should feel at home . Every student
should work towards their growth and development , keeping their responsibilities in mind.

Syed Ashja Rohan

Business Developer- Pakistan

Being an International Student in Canada from Pakistan . I have a strong understanding how right guidance can make a huge difference in the educational journey of a student . I am creating more opportunities for International Students from Pakistan who are inclined to study and succeed in Canada . There are diverse institutions that Check Check Services has collaboration with , we are making all those programs and institutions accessible to International Students from Pakistan.