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We are strong, we are supportive, and we are committed. We are CheckCheckServices.

Check Check Services team

Check Check Services is an International education team
headed by Johny Hans popular in International Students across Canada , who is a Vlogger , Artiste and CICC Licensed Immigration consultant ( R711237) and Rakesh Sharma CICC(R705958) Certified Immigration & Citizenship
Consultant and serial entrepreneur serving international students in various aspects.

Check Check Services is a leading international educational team that can help people throughout the world to come study and succeed in Canada . International Students and immigrants have always contributed so much towards the development of Canada. We strongly believe that when you come to Canada you serve your home country and Canada by learning , earning and giving back . No matter what your age or experience is, we can help you realize your Canadian dreams through study in Canada.

At Check Check Services the team focuses on guiding students from different countries who are choosing Canada as their destination for higher studies. Understanding Student goals, providing affordable programs from Colleges and Universities
across Canada to international students is their top priority.
Complete Student solutions from finding Scholarships,
Accommodations, Career Counseling to helping with Post Landing Services is the core responsibility of the entire team of CheckCheckServices. The team has a strong belief in the
Canadian Value System. Be it your first call or last with us, our strong work ethic, our credibility and strong trust in education make us stand unique.

A truly motivated team members working from across the globe led by Johny Hans , Misha Pelletier and Rakesh Sharma with team members based in Montreal , Toronto , Cameroon and India . We want to create an impeccable influence into International Student advising and education where the service
focuses on student success and growth .