Top Four Reasons Why Canada Student Visas Often Get Rejected

Are you planning to pursue your further education in Canada? Here are the most common mistakes that you should never commit!

There are many reasons behind the rejection of a Student Visa in Canada. However, most of the rejections come from some common mistakes that students or agents tend to commit unknowingly. So, we list the top four reasons why Canada Student Visas often get rejected.

  1. Not Meeting the Language Requirements: The foremost prerequisite for an international student to study in Canada is to have good English language skills. If you have a low English language score in 12th standard, your Bachelor’s degree as well as IELTS, chances are that your Student Visa will be rejected. On the contrary, if you have an exceptionally good English language score in 12th standard and your Bachelor’s degree, but a moderate score in IELTS, there is high probability that your visa will be accepted.
  2. Irrelevant Course in Comparison to Your Educational Background: In order to get a Student Visa, it is imperative to convince that you are a genuine student who wants to study in Canada. Student Visas often get rejected if there is no relevance between your educational background and the course that you have enrolled for in Canada. For instance, if you have an educational background in Science & Technology and you have enrolled for a course in Social Sciences, the Visa Officer might feel that you are not a genuine student and she/he may then reject your Student Visa on this basis. So, choose your course thoughtfully.

  • Poorly Written Statement of Purpose: Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) has the ability to make or break your Student Visa. It is really important to have a precise yet convincing Statement of Purpose that highlights your personal intent to study the respective course in Canada. Some students often make the grave mistake of not attaching the Statement of Purpose or adding irrelevant information or links to it, which ultimately leads to rejection. So, make your Statement of Purpose stand out with conciseness and a focused approach. 
  1. Lack of Justification for Strong Financial Background: While coming to Canada for studying as an international student, it is important to justify that you have a strong financial background and you will be able to pay your study fees smoothly. If you are unable to justify the same, your Student Visa will not be approved.

Stay away from making these common mistakes while applying for your Student Visa in Canada. The Canadian Immigration has now simplified the Student Visa process which has been categorized into meeting the Eligibility Criteria and conducting the Admissibility process, you can refer to our previous blogs to know more about the same in detail.

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