Three Latest Updates That You Must Know If You Want to Settle in Canada

If you are aspiring to move to Canada to pursue your higher education or get Permanent Residency, here are the three latest updates that you must know!

  1. IDP and British Council IELTS Centers are Open Now: IDP Education and British Council recently wrote a letter to the Government of Punjab, requesting to grant permission to open the IELTS test centers, to which the Government of Punjab gave a positive response. The Government of Punjab has now allowed the opening of IDP Education and British Council IELTS test centers in Punjab to open from 18th The government has affirmed that all health and safety measures must be taken into consideration while conducting the exam and in order to ensure appropriate social distancing, only up to 50 students can appear for an IELTS exam at a time. So, if you were eagerly waiting to book a slot for giving the general or academic IELTS exam, you can now book it for 18th July or onwards.


  1. International Students Can Continue to Work Full-time in Essential Services: Ever since the Canadian government has started lifting restrictions that were put into place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of confusion regarding whether international students can continue to work full-time or not. While some colleges and universities are seen to be in favour of this decision, some are seen to be against the same. Food services company, Good Foods had initially said that the international students cannot work full-time. However, they recently clarified that food businesses come under the ambit of essential services; so, international students can work full-time with Good Foods till 31st There has been no latest notice from Quebec Immigration or stating that international students cannot work full-time in essential services. So, feel free to take the decision as per your discretion and your college approval.
  2. PEQ Immigration Rules Have Been Changed: The Quebec Immigration has recently shared the updated PEQ rules which apply to international students who will finish their study in Quebec after 31st The updated rules state that if you will finish your study after 31st December whether it is a Vocational Course, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or even Doctorate degree, you will need a work experience in Quebec (although it is not compulsory to have work experience in the same field in which you are studying). If your program is listed in PEQ but is not a DEP program, you would need a work experience of twelve months; it can be of either NOC O, A or B category. Whereas, if you have done an AEC program that does not fall in the PEQ list, you can apply your file under the PEQ Worker category, for which you would need a work experience of twenty-four months. In this case, you can also apply under the International Mobility program.

Apart from these updates, proficiency in the French language continues to be an important aspect for getting Permanent Residency in Quebec. If you are well-versed in French and even if your course is not under PEQ, you can still apply your file under the Foreign Worker category.

Stay tuned to know more about the latest updates. Feel free to contact our team at or for more information!