Five Things That Agents Never Tell You When You Come to Study in Canada

Moving to a new country with incomplete information can turn out to be no less than a nightmare, so be well-aware before taking the plunge!

For all the international students out there who are planning to pursue their further education in Canada, we collate a hand-picked list of five things that the agents never tell you. Take note!

  1. You Can Change Your School/ College or Program: Some international students often end up enrolling for a course or program that they do not have keen interest in or is something that makes a hole in their pocket. However, the agents affirm that the student cannot change their College/ University after they have taken admission in the same; which is not the case at all. It is clearly mentioned on the official immigration website of Canada that you can change your school or program if you are enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada and you are actively studying while staying in Canada. So, do not comprise with your professional aspirations at any cost and choose your college or program wisely.


  1. Post Graduate Work Permit and Permanent Residency: Some agents often blindfold the international students by saying that all Colleges and Universities in Canada offer Post Graduate Work Permit by default, which is not true and that ultimately hampers their opportunity to get Permanent Residency in Canada. So, always ensure that your College or University makes you eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit. Try to sign-up for a Technical course as it is high in demand and promises better salaries. Also confirm the exact location of your College or University, since if it is located in outskirts of a Province, it will be very difficult for you to commute on a regular basis. take an informed decision.


  1. Apply for Spousal Visa Only After Arriving in Canada: Some agents often insist that you should apply for Spousal Visa as soon as you get admission in a College or University in Canada. However, it has high probability of rejection of you apply for it beforehand. So, it is always preferable that you apply for Spousal Visa only after arriving in Canada. You can also share your fee transcripts to prove that you are genuinely a student in Canada and want to invite your spouse to the country.


  1. Pay Your Tuition Fees Directly to the College or University: Even today there are some agents who take in charge of paying your tuition fees to the College or University, which is really a dangerous thing since you don’t know when will the agent actually pay your fees. Moreover, if you want to change your College or University, the refund will go to the agent’s account. So, always take an informed decision and pay your tuition fees directly to the College or University.


  1. Invest in a Good Health Insurance: The most important investment that you must make when you move to a new country is that of a Health Insurance, since it involves a lot of treatment expenditure and you definitely don’t want to mess with your health! Properly study the benefits of your insurance policy and ensure that it includes all the hospitalization charges.

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