Five Steps to Get Truck License in Canada

Are you aspiring to get a Truck license in Canada? Here are five simple steps that will help you pave the way!

Trucking jobs in Canada are reckoned to have a great earning potential and are one of the most sought-after driving jobs in Canada. So, if you want to explore the broad horizons of trucking in Canada, the first requisite is to get a truck license. Here’s how you can get the same!

  1. Meet the Eligibility Criteria: The first step towards getting a truck license in Canada is to meet the eligibility criteria which states that you must have a Class 5 Car License and your demerit points should not be more than three.


  1. Join a Genuine Driving School: After meeting the eligibility criteria, the next step is to join a genuine driving school in your province. Every state in Canada has certain government approved driving schools that are authentic and great centers of learning. If you are in Quebec, you can consider joining the much-coveted Universal Driving School that has a reliable history and a proficient team of trained professionals.


  1. Undertake a Medical Examination: The next step is to undertake a medical examination from any Doctor or Medical Practitioner. In most cases, the driving schools guide the applicants to find a genuine Medical Practitioner that usually makes the job easier!


  1. Attend Theory Classes: As soon as you qualify for the medical examination, the next step is to attend theory classes at your driving school. These classes are similar to any other theoretical courses that provide an in-depth learning of the subject. If you are in Quebec, you have to book an appointment with SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) for the theory test. The test is divided into two categories and you need a minimum percentage of 75% to pass the test.


  1. Road Practice and Test: After passing the Theory test, the next step is to practice truck driving on-road with your driving school and apply for the Road test. In Quebec, you can apply for the Road test only 30 days after the Theory test. As soon as pass the Road test, you will get the Truck license and you can approach companies or own a truck, as you please.


Feel free to contact Universal Driving School at 990 Jean Talon West, Montreal (Phone No. 514 299 9999), for further details.