Five Steps to Apply for Canadian Study Visa

Follow these five simple steps to apply for Canadian Study Visa by staying in the comfort of your home! 


It has been evident that international students often pay a whooping amount of 2-3 lakhs to agents for applying for their Study Visa in Canada, oblivious to the fact that they can easily apply for the same on their own and that too in the comfort of their home.

So, if you are one such aspiring student who wants to study in Canada, here are five simple steps that you can follow to apply for Canadian Study Visa!

  1. Give the IELTS examination: The first step towards applying for Study Visa in Canada is to have your IELTS score in place. So, start by giving the IELTS examination. On an average, you would require 6 bands as your IELTS score to get a good college or university. However, some colleges also intake international students who have 5.5 bands.


  1. Choose your college or university: The next step is to thoughtfully choose your college or university as per your educational background. Make sure that the college or university that you choose is authorized for Post Graduate Work Permit and is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) that is approved by the Government of Canada. As soon as you select your dream college or university, contact the International Students/ Admissions department by taking their contact details from the official website. You can mail them seeking details about the admission process for international students and list down your IELTS score, educational background and the course that you wish to apply for.


  1. Get the Offer Letter and pay the fees: If you qualify for the desired course, apply for the course as per the guidelines shared by the International Admissions department and get the Offer Letter from them. In addition to it, you also need to pay the fees within the stipulated deadline, as suggested by the college or university. (Colleges in Quebec usually issue an offer letter within a week or two.) They will further verify your documents for which you will have to pay a fee of approximately $250. Along with the fee, you also need to submit the Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) for which you will have to pay $10,00O along with a transactional fee of $200. Make sure that you submit your GIC from a Canadian bank like Nova Scotia Bank or Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), since there are not many branches of Indian banks in Canada.


  1. Apply for CAQ Certificate: If you wish to study in Quebec, the next step is to apply for a Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) certificate which is usually a 1-2 months process. You can apply for the CAQ certificate on your own on the official website of Quebec:
  2. Upload all necessary information for Visa Approval: The last step is to maintain a folder of all your relevant documents and create an account at where you will get a checklist of the required documents and a few mandatory forms seeking relevant information about you and your family. You need to fill these forms and upload them back on the portal, along with a precise Statement of Purpose (SOP) defining why you want to join the respective College or University. Along with all relevant forms and documents, you need to pay a fee of $235 and wait for your Visa approval. The Visa approval process has now been divided into two main categories which include meeting the eligibility criteria followed by the Admissibility process that includes maintaining a record of Biometrics, Criminal Records and Medical Test. As soon as you receive an approval from the Canadian Immigration on meeting the desired eligibility criteria, you can start the online classes in your dream college or university, until the pandemic-imposed travel restrictions are raised. You can complete 50% of your studies in India to be eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit.

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