Earn $820 Per Month by Studying French in Quebec : Johny Hans Meets Harmanjot

If you want to settle in Quebec, learning French (which can pay upto $820 per month) is something that you cannot afford to miss. Here’s how you can earn while you learn!

The French language is an important aspect of Quebec’s cultural identity. So, if you want to study or work in Quebec, it is always preferable to be well-versed in French.

If you sign up in a college in Quebec for learning French, it will cost you about $250 per month. However, the Quebec Immigration provides a great opportunity for learning French not only free-of-cost but also earn while you learn.

So, CheckCheckJohnyHans speak to Harmanjot, an international student in Quebec who is making optimum use of this facility provided by the Quebec Immigration.

“When you live in Quebec, you notice that learning French is really important. Even the signboards in Quebec are in French and even if you know the basics, you feel really proud about it as it becomes easier for you to mold yourself in Quebec’s culture. I started learning French by enrolling in a French language course at a college here, but that proved to be of no use to me, since the instructors were really fast and I had no prior understanding of French,” shares Harmanjot.

“One fine day, I was scrolling through the Quebec Immigration website when I came across this option which stated that ‘Learn French and Get Paid’. It further had two options for learning part-time and full-time. The part-time learning promised to pay the student $200 per month and the full-time promised to pay $820 per month. I was really intrigued by it and I enrolled for the full-time French program which is basically a government-certified morning program for learning French. Ever since then, I have been learning French effectively and even getting paid for the same”, adds Harmanjot who has now reached 5th level of studying French.

While sharing his experience of earning while learning in Quebec, Harmanjot affirms, “When I joined the institute, I was the only Indian who was learning French there. However, due to my firm determination and grit to learn, I was able to level-up my French proficiency with the passage of time. Quebec is a great place to stay and learn. People are really supportive and there are an array of opportunities for an individual’s growth and development.”

So, if you are staying in Quebec and aspiring to learn French – do not let go of this great opportunity to earn while you learn!


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