5 Mistakes That You Should Never Make If You Study in Canada

Do not let your dreams and aspirations take a backseat when you reach Canada, take your decisions thoughtfully and never make the following mistakes!

One of the best countries in the world to study, Canada hosts an array of international students in their top-notch universities from across the globe every year. While these students come to Canada with a lot of dreams and aspirations, they often end up in the vicious circle due to some common avoidable mistakes that they tend to make. So, for all our readers, we list five such mistakes that you should never make if you study in Canada.

Finance Management: When you move to a foreign land, you often start spending lavishly by becoming a prey to credit cards – a common nuisance amongst youngsters. Students get a hang of the much-convenient swipe and use facility, oblivious to the fact that the credit amount keeps piling on and at a certain point of time, it becomes really difficult to pay back. So, manage your finances judiciously and always keep some buffer emergency cash intact.

Choose Your Friends Wisely: The age-old saying that ‘a man is known by the company he keeps’ still holds true in the present era. You are not only known by the people you surround yourself with but, it also impacts your personal growth and development. Surround yourself with positive friends who always motivate you to put your best foot forward.

Live Legally: Canada has very stringent rules in terms of occupancy in a residential area. So, whenever you sign a lease for your apartment, read it properly and check how many occupants can stay in your apartment. In case the official occupancy is for three people and five people are living together, the house owner can file a legal case against you. (Obviously short-term visits by guests are not taken into account but still, be cautious). 

Select Your College and Program Thoughtfully: While getting Canada’s Permanent Residency be your ultimate goal behind signing-up for a course in this country, do make sure that you select your college and program thoughtfully. Look out for the job prospects of your course in the province that you want to settle in and do not let your passion take a backseat.

Invest in a Health Insurance: Good health is the cornerstone of success; hence expensive health treatments should not stop you from investing in your health and well-being. While you are in Canada, the health treatment expenditure often spikes high in certain cases, which ends up making a hole in the pocket of students. So, make sure that you invest in a good health insurance and be well-aware about the benefits of the respective insurance.

In addition to these points, never give up on your dreams; no matter how difficult it gets – just keep going!