Three Things That You Need to Know About Canada Border Opening

Check Check Johny Hans today presents how the Canadian government is slowly lifting all the restrictions that were put into place owing to the Corona Virus. Now the Canadian Borders are opening! Here’s all that you need to know if you are planning to come to Canada!

Five High Paying Job Opportunities for Students in Montreal

Are you an international student based out of Canada? Here are five lucrative job opportunities that you must explore! After the recent notice from the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada to allow international students to work full-time in the essential services sectors till the month end of August, many organizations are beckoning […]

Covid 19: New Rules For Canadian Student Visa For Indian Students

The novel Corona Virus or Covid-19 has undoubtedly, halted the dreams of many Indians who wanted to land in Canada to pursue their higher education. Some of the students were already in the process of Canadian Visa procurement while some had even received the admission confirmation letter from their respective universities or colleges. However, now […]